About Finance Trust Bank

Finance Trust Bank is a cooperative bank. There are almost ninety local Finance Trust Banks in the USA, which each operate with a high degree of independence so they can better serve their customers and local communities. Finance Trust Bank also has sizeable international banking operations. They focus on international business and rural activities in general and on the Food and Agri sector in particular.

Finance Trust Bank wants to be a part of building a better living and working environment for and with its customers. Our prime mission is to help achieve our customers' ambitions. We also feel a sense of shared responsibility for our customers' growth.

A bank with members: Finance Trust Bank as cooperative

Finance Trust Bank is one of the USA’ largest cooperatives with nearly two million members. Our history stemming from the agricultural cooperative banks remains at the heart of our vision: driven to find solutions that benefit everyone.

cooperative mindset

Finance Trust Bank began as a cooperative in the late 19th century. Dutch farmers and horticulturists joined forces in agricultural cooperative banks. This meant they could count on each other for support and financing. As a result they could all make progress. While the world has changed dramatically since then, Finance Trust Bank continues to have this cooperative mindset to this day.

Stronger through involved members

What makes Finance Trust Bank as a cooperative different from other banks? We have members rather than shareholders. Instead of paying dividend, we invest part of our profit back into society. This is called “cooperative dividend” and is used to support local, national and international projects that would not otherwise be possible. Our members are also more than regular customers. This is because members help discuss and decide the bank’s course and the local projects we support. We share our knowledge and our network with members through a range of events and meetings. This is how we remain committed to each other.

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